Digital governmanent advisory

We make it simple
Implementing a digital government system can seem a daunting prospect. We are here to make it as simple as possible, help you move any procedure, however complex, online and make it available to your citizens and entrepreneurs.
Based on our experience of installing digital government systems in over 60 countries and territories we can accompany you through the following milestones.
Implementation steps
1. Identify your needs and determine the best solution Are you looking to create a single window, information portal, fiscal system, or issue digital documents? Are you focusing on one procedure or do you want to digitalise all procedures at your ministry? Are you acting with regards to an investment facilitation agreement or the Business Enabling Environment report? We can help you identify your needs and determine the best solution.
2. Develop a project plan How do you select the best project team, sequence the project, determine a prototype procedure, build internal capacity, integrate online payments and install onsite? We can help you develop a realistic and effective project plan.
3. Install and implement We can work with you to license and install a digital government platform, train your officers in understanding and designing online services, optimise backend and user experience interfaces, and launch and communicate on the new system.